Can we order custom size?


Yes, sure!
You can order what lenght you need, what width and what type of legs you want.
For table usually our standard thick is 10 cm (4")
more wider the wood is more expensive and the wood must be older.
For legs we have wooden legs and also stainless steel legs.

What is your production time ? Delivery time?


Our production time standard is 2 - 4 weeks depend how many you quantity you want to order. If we have stock we need 2 weeks to re-stain and re-finish again your order.

Delivery time vary from one coountry to other country.
Approximately 4 - 8 weeks

Is your price including shipping cost ?


No, our price excluding shipping cost.
Just let us know what items you want to order and inform us your neareast port.
We  will email you back with shipping cost to your nearest port.
At this moment we can't ship to your door. You can contact local agent there to help bring your stuff from your port to your house.

Do you have any cataloque for Slab Wood?


We don't have fix cataloque for slab wood as this kind is unique and one of a kind.
If you can't find what you need here, you can contact us for custom size and we would be very happy to help you to find and make your request.

What is HS Code for Suar Wood or Monkey Pod Tree Wood


HS Code for Suar wood is 9403 609000.

What wood you use for slab wood?


We make slab wood from Acacia Wood or most people call it here Suar wood (Monkey Pod tree wood), Tamarind wood, Lychee wood and teak wood. But mostly we use Acacia Wood (Suar Wood)