Big Coffee Acacia Slabs coming to our warehouse diameter 120cm to 200cm!!

Some slab for coffee table material is coming to our warehouse today
Mostly old wood and have good grain
Contact us if you want to order this slab coffee table>
Wholesaler / shop special price!

coffee-slab_003 coffee-slab_002 coffee-slab_021 coffee-slab_020 coffee-slab_019 coffee-slab_018 coffee-slab_017 coffee-slab_016 coffee-slab_015 coffee-slab_014 coffee-slab_013 coffee-slab_012 coffee-slab_011 coffee-slab_010 coffee-slab_009 coffee-slab_008 coffee-slab_007 coffee-slab_006 coffee-slab_005 coffee-slab_004 table_13 table_12 table_09 20140416_130055 20140416_130051 20140416_130018 image image image image coffee3 IMG_6647 IMG_6639 M4031M-4209


Delivery time

Some of our raw material of slab woods put in our warehouse

6066 6042

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Some photos from warehouse

Here are some photos from our warehouse

IMG_0615 IMG_0616

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Photos of raw material Acacia Slab Wood

Some pictures of raw material of our slab wood before we cut into slices

6576 6581 6589

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